Hey everybody, definitely been a long time since I’ve updated this blog, but wanted to share something that’s been on the backburner for quite some time and have now finally gotten to getting done. In the past I’ve always hated going through all the different menus to reach my commonly used Maya functions/commands and wanted a simple window that contains all of that. I originally wanted to do this for all the hair/fur tools I used, but since I’ve been working more with cloth lately I decided to create this cloth GUI. And as most of us know there’s hardly ever any resources and tools for creature FX TD’s, which is something I hated trying to get into becoming a cloth/hair TD, so I wanted to share this for anybody to use under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

KM Cloth GUI – Video Overview from JP Felipe on Vimeo.

*UPDATE 03/02/14* New update to my KM Cloth GUI toolset which now features a copy ncloth weights script.

KM_Cloth_GUI Update : Copy nCloth Vertex Weights from JP Felipe on Vimeo.

*UPDATE 03/02/14* Just uploaded v1.00 of the UI. Adds a copy ncloth weights feature.
*UPDATE 11/06/13* Just uploaded v0.961 of the UI. Fixes window size issue for those using Maya 2014
*UPDATE 12/04/12* Just uploaded v0.96 of the UI. Paint cache weights should now work correctly. Enable and Disable Selected should now work for those using an import/reload script to run the UI.
*UPDATE 09/24/12* Just uploaded v0.951 of the UI which fixes a missing line in the code that properly connects the dynamic amplitude attribute in the wind and gravity controllers.
*UPDATE 09/23/12* Just uploaded v0.95 of the UI which now allows you to create wind and gravity controllers that plug into ALL nuclei in the scene.
*UPDATE 08/09/12* Just uploaded v0.92 of the UI which adds more functionality.

Download the python script: KM_ClothGUI_v1 (right click – save as)
*Archived* v0_96
*Archived* v0_96
*Archived* v0_951
*Archived* v0_95
*Archived* v0_92
*Archived* v0_9

KM Cloth GUI snapshot

Please feel free to email me or post a comment on here regarding any questions, concerns, and/or bugs. Hope this simple UI helps any of those that are currently working as cloth TD’s or even those looking to do some work with Maya’s nCloth system. I look forward to creating a similar UI for Maya’s Hair/Fur systems.

Few notes:

- The mini ‘outliner’ will display all ‘nuclei’, ‘nRigids’, ‘nCloths’, and ‘nConstraints’, and will be updated as you create them through the UI.

- Selecting through the ‘outliner’ will select the nClothShape node and not its associated geo, you can make your selection and click on ‘Select Geo Node’ to select the actual mesh.

- Except for the ‘Enable All Nuclei’ and ‘Disable All Nuclei’ the buttons are color coded depending on what they do. For instance, dark grey buttons execute its associated command, medium grey buttons are to be right clicked and will have a drop down menu to select from, and light grey buttons open its associated ui. IE: ‘Create nCloth’ executes the command, right clicking ‘Create Constraints’ opens a drop down menu to select which type of constraint you’d like to create, and ‘Trax Editor’ opens the Trax Editor.

- Currently to ‘Remove nCloth’, ‘Delete History’, and either of the ‘Paint Weights’ commands, you will have to convert the selection to the geo node in order to execute these commands if you are selecting objects through the ‘outliner’. I may get to changing that so it automatically selects the geo node prior to executing.

- ‘Create Cache’ and ‘Merge Cache’ will query whatever you type into the textField as the name of your cache.

*Disclaimer* Please bare with me as this is my first GUI I’ve ever created so I’m sure my codes aren’t the most efficient – still definitely learning how to script! :) I’m continually adding things here and there, but will hopefully rewrite everything once I feel like it’s complete enough. That being said, this is also why it will continue to be in beta until I’m comfortable enough with scripting.

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